Juliana Schalch: Live from Rio de Janeiro


Juliana Schalch i s one of Brazil’s best known actors. She is now on the step to an international career, as Luna in the HBO-series O Negócio.

Juliana became aware of my latest blog about TV-series. She had it translated and then today she sent me this video from Rio de Janeiro. She is delighted that O Negócio also can bee seen in Norway and sends her love to all of us. Do I need to say that I became delighted as well?

O Negócio is about four call girls, Karin, Luna, Magali and Mia, who decide to apply some marketing knowledge on their prostitution business in Sáo Paulo. If you do not know O Negócio yet, I hereby recommend it. It is well worth seeing and there is a great chance you become addicted!

Sometimes you feel like 17 again: Juliana, you made my day! Adorei! Grande beijo!

And special thanks to the ever-present Alex Falcão who makes things happen.